Arcanum (recipes)


Currently I use a mid-range Porcelain and decorate with Amaco velvet underglazes with a single clear glaze over, and occasionally metallic lustres. Since the few recipes I use have come to me from the generous support of other artists or published materials I am happy to share any information about my recipes and process. Below, I’ve included some of my current recipes as well as recipes from a few years ago (mid-range Earthenware recipes) that I no longer use, but others might find useful.

I decorate on bone-dry clay. Free-hand brush-work constitutes the bulk of my decorative pattern making in conjunction with layers of under-glaze washes or accents of patterning in wax resist or inlaid pigments (mishima). All of my dots, lines, circles, etc. are painted by hand with only an occasional use of paper stencil cut-outs for more precise results. After completing my deco the pieces are bisqued to cone 04. Then a clear glaze is applied over-all for the final firing. I glaze fire in an electric kiln to approx. 2226 F (about cone 7). If you have any questions about the materials or process’ please do not hesitate to contact me.

 Current Recipes (2014):

Clay Body: Campana Mid-Range Rev.  cone 5-8

25 Grolleg Kaolin
10 C&C Ball Clay
10 Tile #6 Kaolin
35 Minspar 200 Feldspar
20 Silica 325 Mesh
2.5 Bentonite L-10 White

Campana’s Clear Base cone 5-7

11 Spodumene
21 Frit 3134
20 EPK
20 Silica
20 Wollastonite
8 Zinc Oxide

if your interested in more of Jeff’s technical info, process, or work visit him at:

 Engobe Base: cone 4-6

30 EPK (calcined)
30 OM-4 Ball Clay
15 Cornwall Stone
8   Silica
5   Zircopax
7   Talc
3   Whiting
5   Soda Ash

This recipe is very flexible with colorants. Generally I use stains for a more opaque finish and oxides for a more diffused effect under the glaze. I ball mill this mix for approx. 30 min. to break down the clumpier materials and re-seive it as needed. I apply on bone-dry clay which does include the danger of flaking off if applied too thickly.

In addition to the engobe I have occasionally used Terra sigallattas, but mostly rely on Amaco Velvet underglazes and wax resist for the remaining decorative elements.

Recipes (2007 – 2011):

Clear Glaze Base: cone 1-3 (runny)

26 Gillespie Borate
20 Nepheline Syenite
30 Frit 3124
10 EPK
10 Silica
4   Lithium Carbonate

Sean’s Clear Base: cone 1-3 (runny)

26 Frit 3195
20 Nepheline Syenite
30 Frit 3124
4   Lithium Carbonate
10 EPK
10 Silica (325 Mesh)
3% Zinc Oxide
2% Bentonite

Colorant Additions: (These work for both of the glazes listed above)
4% RIO – Amber
8% RIO – Dark Amber
4% Copper Carb. + 2% RIO – Warm Green
3% Copper Carb. – Turquoise
6% Copper Carb. – Emerald Green
0.5% Cobalt Carb. + 1% Manganese Diox. – Lavender
0.5% Cobalt Carb. + 1% RIO – Grey/Blue
0.25% Cobalt Carb. – Light Blue